Existing Data Migration -

Data Migration Services

Your data is important and having it on demand in the cloud is a major advantage to your organization.  Our migration services will seamlessly integrate any data you need into your workspace.  Whether it's email, calendars, documents, videos, or other important files we take care to ensure it's there.  Support for Apple users is expanding rapidly.  ValleyApps additionally offers Data Migration Consulting services for those who wish to employ their own staff to assist with the migration. We also may help you plan your transition and offer phone and email support during the process.

Desktop Data Migration

Desktop migration is necessary when data is stored locally and not synced with a server (POP Accounts, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.). We utilize many different tools to allow you to preserve this data and push it up to the cloud.

Legacy Server Migration

We connect to your server for bulk migration of data. Happening in the background, this allows a hands-off approach, letting users continue working. Our goal is to precisely recreate your current environment with email, calendar, and contacts.


Google Drive Migration

With unlimited storage available in Google Drive for Work, many businesses are moving their local files and folders to the cloud. We can not only migrate those files but also do conversions to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. With Drive you can edit and access your files from any device anywhere.

Active Directory Sync

Google realizes that your organization might use Active Directory(LDAP).  We can integrate your local directory with G Suite Organizational Units, Groups, and Shared Contacts. This allows you to continue managing these entities from your AD environment.